I am a calmer, better person.

“I have trained with Kwasi for a little over a year and the results have been great.  Not only am I stronger and thinner—I am a calmer, better person. Kwasi has created a unique atmosphere where I can have a lot of fun working out. His subtle motivation keeps you going day after day.”

Greg Vangellow

I’ve lost weight and truly enjoyed the process.

“I have been working out with Kwasi for almost three years. As a woman, I was very concerned about lifting weights because I did not want to ‘bulk up.’ I am very happy to say that I feel very toned; not bulky. I have also gained a tremendous amount of strength, which I feel is empowering. I’ve lost weight and truly enjoyed the process.”

Tracy Flynn

A pleasure to work with.

“I was trying to find a way to connect with our employee population on wellness topics. Kwasi had a proposal to visit each of our locations and start with simple changes that could make a big impact on their lives. Kwasi was patient and helpful with each person and created some excitement amongst our staff. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Sarah Norton

A time that I look forward to.

“I began training with Kwasi to lose my last 10 pounds of baby weight. He not only helped me lose the weight through better strength training and better nutrition, but he helped me become more efficient with my running. His gentle nature makes coming to work out every time a time that I look forward to.”

Betsy Wilson

Challenges your fitness and your mind.

“Kwasi is able to guide clients in an exercise program that challenges your fitness and your mind. He is an educator on topics such as wellness, general health, and nutrition. He customizes a fitness program around your goals and objectives, resulting in improved body composition, physical performance, and other health outcomes.”

Dan Clifton

Ability to inspire and motivate.

“Kwasi has served as a wellness consultant for many of the organizations I work with across Monroe County. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to inspire and motivate a wide range of employees across a variety of fields. He is exceptional at tailoring his message to meet his audience’s needs.”

Tami Best

Overcome challenges that are keeping you from a healthy lifestyle.

“Kwasi provides comprehensive training, in that it not only addresses the needs and goals about your body, but also your mind and your spirit. While he is talking with you, he is discovering barriers you may have put in your life to hamper your success and makes suggestions as to what you can do to overcome those challenges that are keeping you from a healthy lifestyle.”

Wayne France

Innate ability to connect with people.

“As a worksite wellness consultant, clients often ask me for referrals for individuals who can come on-site to educate, coach, or inspire their staff. I recognized Kwasi as a natural speaker and motivator from the first time I met him. I also saw his innate ability to connect with people, and coach them in a very personal way.”

Sharon Brognia