Our Services

Upper Level Fitness is here to educate, coach, and inspire—whatever it takes to help improve you, your team, or your organization. All through creative programs designed to challenge—and ultimately improve—both your mind and body. Fully customized wellness programs are also available.

To learn more or to register, please email us.

Our services include:

Life Coaching

Using exercise to foster an open line of communication, we tap into our clients’ strengths and empower them to forge their own path.

Corporate Wellness

Focusing on intrinsic motivational systems, we help our clients’ workplaces discover the value and benefits of embracing a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.


We teach our clients how to embrace the “food is power” ethos, and how to make sustainable changes in their lifestyle that will heal, strengthen, and enlighten.

Individual & Team Performance Enhancement

Every student athlete has a gift. We nurture those gifts, enhance their ability to embrace what is possible, and ultimately help them maximize their potential.

Motivational Speaking

We motivate our clients through life experiences that inspire, creating an ongoing, self-powered willingness to achieve more.

“A fair and impartial opportunity is all we ask, nothing that you yourselves would not demand.”

— Lt. Benjamin O. Davis Jr., The Tuskegee Airmen